Disaster Recovery Plan

Business Continuity Planning, Data Replication / Mirrored Servers and  Managed Suites

CTS offer various levels of services as outlined below:

Gold Disaster Recovery Plan 

The Gold Plan is similar to the Silver, CTS will operate and manage an identical server hosted in our premises, purchased by the client specifically for the job.  Weekly backups will be collected from the client’s offices to maintain the mirroring status of the Backup Server.  This can be augmented by daily automated online updates to the Backup Server, either overnight or in real time using additional software products.

Silver Disaster Recovery Plan 

The Silver Plan operates as a single user / application based service.  For example we provide the necessary PC hardware, desk space, telephone, fax, and printing and internet access facilities within the DRP suite.  Applications will be prepared and tested onto designated hardware.  Weekly backups will be collected from your office and the integrity of the DRP will be tested quarterly.   This may require a little time from a client each quarter to verify the functionality and accuracy of the data.

There will be an initial cost for the time required to prepare the systems and processes and, should the DRP be invoked.  CTS will charge for technical services at the standard prevailing rates.  Time involved in quarterly Disaster Recovery tests is included in the monthly charge.  All call charges, printing/faxing costs etc, will be charged to the client. Internet access and e-mail facilities are included in the monthly charges.

Bronze Disaster Recovery Plan 

With the Bronze Plan we plan according to available rental equipment and temporary office space.  As part of your daily administrative routines a full system back up is taken off site and stored securely at a location of at least one mile from the main site.  In the event that you invoke your DRP, CTS use your off-site backup to bring the system back on line within a 48 hour period.  All necessary cabling and network hardware, such as switches, routers, servers, workstations and printers are provided by CTS.