Back-Up Services

Data Back Up and Restoration, On-Line Back-up Facilities and Managed Off-Site Storage.

Backing up your data is a necessary daily routine.  We try to automate as much of this as possible for our clients and can offer some alternative solutions to this mundane task.

We can deal with all aspects of the back-up management, checking logs, rotating tapes and taking back-ups off-site for daily storage in our own facilities.

For other clients we deal with all the aspects of the day-to-day management, whilst organising off-site tape rotation with their own staff or a third party collection agency.

Online Backup Service

Our online Backup Service is popular with numerous clients where they have outgrown their current backup solution or want to add an extra level of cover to their Business Continuity Planning.

With our E-Vault Encryption Client on your servers you control the amount of data and regularity of the back-up routine.  You also control how many historical backups you retain on our servers.  Restoring data is simply a click away, and only you have access to your data on our servers by virtue of your private encryption keys.